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Whisk your Matcha (The Traditional Method)

1.  Sift one suggested teaspoon of Matcha Dive powder into a medium bowl with a flat bottom
2.  Add just enough 80º C hot water to make a slightly thick paste with your matcha
3.  Use whisk in circular motions to create a uniform paste, removing all clumps and traces of powder
4.  Add one to two ounces of water and whisk back and forth in a zig-zag motion to create an oxygen rich and delicious crema
5.  It's ready once the surface is covered in emerald microfoam
6.  Add water, milk, or preferred beverage with toppings of choice and enjoy

Shake your Matcha (Quick and Easy)

1.  Start with one suggested teaspoon of Matcha Dive powder in a mason jar or other airtight container
2.  Add just enough cold or room temperature water so you can shake into a uniform mixture
3.  Once shaken, then add ice or hot liquid to bring beverage to ideal temperature
4.  Add water, milk, or preferred liquid and toppings of choice to create your own personal drink
5.  Enjoy
(Warning:  Do not shake hot liquids in a closed container as cooling gases may cause pressure buildup, resulting in burns or worse.)

Blend your Matcha (Versatile)

1.  Scoop one suggested teaspoon of Matcha Dive powder into a blender
2.  Add suggested 2 oz of water, milk, adaptogens, powders, and more as desired
3.  Mix for 15 seconds
4.  Pour into cup and add water, milk, or preferred beverage and toppings of choice
5.  Enjoy

Water Temperature

Ceremonial matcha is typically prepared at 80ºC / 175ºF.  If boiling, let it sit for 1 minute before pouring.


Store matcha in an airtight container away from heat, humidity, and light.  We keep ours in the freezer.
If you're not going through your matcha quickly, make it a habit to let your matcha come to room temperature after removing from freezer.  This prevents condensation forming inside.  


Soak your bamboo whisk in warm water while preparing your powder to make it more pliable.  Rinse with water only. 

Whisking Technique

1.  Hold whisk comfortably with thumb, index finger, and middle finger
2.  Keep neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists relaxed
3.  Use gentle swirling motions to mix powder and liquid, and then zig zag motions to introduce oxygen

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