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Madison and Daniel were working in NYC, running on empty, getting pick-me-ups from morning coffees and riding waves and crashes. Needing to always look fresh and do their best on shoots while surviving the perils of jet-lag and long hours, coffee always came up short. Dry skin, erratic sleep, and poor mood started weighing down on them and they needed a better solution.

When they discovered Matcha it was like unlocking a cheat code. Lasting energy, glowing skin, no crashing, and a boost to health? Sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, after moving to Toronto, finding high-quality Matcha, that they resonated with personally, for a reasonable price felt like an impossible task, so they set out to change that for themselves and for the wellness community.

After searching the world (literally), they set out to partner with an environmentally responsible and organic farm that consistently met the highest standards of quality. Their search took over two years and led them from traditional farmlands in Uji to the volcanic farmlands and fresh rivers near Mt. Fuji. It was worth it, and they could now introduce the best tasting Matcha that is approachable, affordable and one that is loaded with personality.

Madison and Daniel hope to share their joy, passion, understanding and journey with Matcha Dive every day, with a goal of helping with improved energy, happiness and overall wellness.

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